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Matthew Broyles is a residential and commercial architectural lighting consultant

and the president of The Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals (AOLP).

He is also a  CLVLT (certified low voltage lighting technician,

COLD (Certified Outdoor Lighting Design) certified AOLP installer

and a licensed contractor (GA).


President- Matthew S. Broyles 

Firefly Lighting LLC is proud to have been in business since 1999. 


For both residential and commercial properties, we have designed, installed, retro-fit and maintained several hundreds of properties. We guarantee that our lighting systems and maintenance programs will be the best you have ever experienced.


Not only do we design lighting systems ranging from site lighting to artistic architectural illuminations of buildings, Firefly Lighting installs systems for many applications and is fully licensed and insured. With years of installation experience and certified crews including master electricians, Firefly Lighting can flawlessly install any type of lighting system.


The Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals is a group of contractors, manufacturers, lighting designers, and landscape architects from all over the United States and Canada that have a common goal of improving the Low Voltage Lighting Industry worldwide.


We feel it is important to be involved in an integral way with AOLP because of its promotion of research, education and certification of contractors and education of the public. They also provide standards of installation in accordance with the national Electrical Code as well as the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Standard for Low Voltage landscape Lighting Systems.



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