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You take great pride in your home. Often people spend tens of thousands of dollars on their landscaping and gardens. Adding lighting greatly increases the value you get for your investment and it adds an entirely different and elegant feeling after sunset.


Whether it is a party of 50 guests or simply a quiet relaxing moment on your deck, inside a screened porch, or even from within your family room - if your landscape is accentuated with elegant lighting you’ll experience a dramatic improvement in both the time and quality of your home enjoyment after dark.


*Add dramatic elegance while raising the value of your home.

*Provide security and safety.

*Enhance your home and lifestyle by expanding your living space and  expanding your time for recreation, relaxation and entertaining outdoors.



Exterior Lighting Has Proven to be the #1 Home Crime Deterrent!

Statistics show  that more than 97% of the time, would-be burglars will go out of their way to avoid homes with good exterior lighting in favor of  those without it. They won’t even attempt to get close enough to find out if your home has a security system or a guard dog.


Only Burglars Find Landscape Lighting Ugly. Everyone Else Loves It!


And here’s why you should chose Firefly Lighting…


We are in the business of outdoor lighting. All we do, day-in and day-out is lighting so you can be confident that we can execute all of your lighting needs with expertise and care. We do not hire out installers and you will meet with the principals or the owner of the company with each job to review  specifications.

Our trained professionals provide first rate lighting designs, installations and 

services. We provide comprehensive maintenance programs, including regular bulb replacements and fixture adjustments. 

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